Hello future me, this is a message from your past self, I wanted to talk to you about college and how it started. If you don’t remember the feeling you felt when you started college this might remind you. Honestly I felt anxious but excited about started. However, what made it challenging was this year 2020. This year is the worst year I’ve ever lived through. Due to the COVID-19 everybody had to be quarantined and this led to remote learning. I was more than frustrated when I found out that I had to start online classes for my first year of college. I mean this was the biggest downfall for me. However, whether I went to school in person or online I’m still striving to accomplished my goal. I am still striving to be a doctor. For the time being, my goal is to graduated and complete college. For the rest of this year I hope things will get better for everyone. I hope quarantine ends by the end of this year. Honesty, I hope I get to go to school in person by next year because doing this online is a bit challenging for me. I am the type of person who needs hands-on teaching in order to learn better. I need to be in the presences of a teacher to make the experience easier for me. Before quarantine my high school grades were in the 90s, after it started, my grades dropped down to the 70s. I still passed but the online classes were irritating. Sometimes it felt like my teachers were asking students to do the impossible as homework. All because it is online, doesn’t mean you are going to find the answer to everything.