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Message for the future

Hey there, the future version of myself.
I won’t be writing this for the you that just finished up with the semester. However, on the chance that you are seeing this at the end of the semester, you must have a good amount of things to be prepared for. A lot with a lot of stress and confusion about what to do next. Just keep in mind, everything will be fine. It’ll be alright. Keep up with as much as you can. If you lose track of something and let something slip up, don’t panic over it. Just try to make up for the work, not for just the grade, but for learning the material. Remember your grade does not reflect your understanding of the subject. If you ever find yourself in a bind refer to your local TimTam (If anyone else is reading this, sorry but you won’t get this reference, and no, I do not mean eating a bunch of sweets to comfort oneself. Though that isn’t that bad of an idea now that I think about it).

You have a lot of people to rely on. Don’t limit yourself, if you need to, ask anyone around you.

I don’t know how much you may struggle with writing. But remember, each time you feel like you have you’ve hit a snag. Just think back, to the meadow, the flower fields (Just don’t think about the allergies), the shining blue lake. The tree you remember still stands tall. The refreshing breeze, the warm sunshine, the cool shade. A night of lights in the sky. This is something that comes from imagination. And let your imagination be the fuel for your writing.

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  1. Jason Chen

    The semester’s almost over and here reading over this, I realized this was kind of inspirational writing for anyone, not just myself, to go to whenever they felt stressed out or just down. To be totally honest, I haven’t really learned anything this semester. I’ve just been taking classes I’ve taken before to get the credits I needed to get. Most of which ended up with excess work and a continued amount of stress. Looking back at this helps me think of what I was thinking back at the time. But after this semester, I just don’t know how much longer I’ll last. I’ll end up going on for as long as I can. I’ll try not to give in to the stress. It’ll just be more difficult to keep up while struggling with everything else that may be coming my way.

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