One word that can describe how I’m feeling about this course is nervous. Because its my freshmen year and this is my first college level english class. Online school stresses me out because it can be so confusing but I’ll get the hang of it. I’m more of a hands on learner but since I toke an online class in the summer with city tech I actually got to learn a few things. I choose this picture because my family means the world to me and I value their opinion way more than anyone else’s (I’m the one on the far left in the green dress then its my two sisters my brother and my mom my dad hates taking pictures but he kinda looks like every dad). My grandfather gave my name Anher (an-har) it’s from the quran its the river in heaven, my dad said he choose that name for me because he was reading that specific verse which had my name in it when they told my grandfather I was born.  I love my name because its so unique and it represents my religion which I’m proud of.