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One word that describes how I’m feeling towards this course is anxious. Some things I’m worried about is my productivity. It’s hard to shake off habits and a habit I’ve picked up over the summer was being lazy. Days would go by in a flash since every day all I would do was rest. Now that I actually have to be somewhat productive with online learning, it’ll be a struggle to be able to re-adjust to how I used to be before because now that I’m pretty much staying home all day, I would prefer to laze around rather than sitting on a desk and writing up assignments but I’ll obviously work towards that.  This is a meaningful picture to me because it is my cat Leo. It means a lot to me because he’s cute and fat.


My name Victor Andy Redhead came from both parents. My middle name was chosen because my father wanted to name me Randy but my mom took out the R because Andy is a better name. My name is almost identical to my father and the only difference are our middle names where his is Alfredo and mine is Andy. People don’t treat me differently due to my name although some people thought it queer that my last name was Redhead despite me being hispanic. I prefer people calling me my middle name rather than Victor because the name Victor is mature and boring and I don’t particularly like it.


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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Okay, Andy! I know the feeling — I go by my middle name (actually a shortened form of my middle name which is Jacquelyn and I go by Jackie). Donna was my very proper, very stern, kind of mean grandmother on my father’s side, and the name never fit me.

    By the way… what a handsome cat!You’ll all see mine at some point. Good name for him, too.

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