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Ria Arora

Dear future me,

I want you to come out strong from all the situations that you will face. I do not want you to be depressed or saddened about anything that you do not understand or cannot do. I want you to agree to the fact that college will not be easy at all, and your first semester might be the worst that you will ever experience, but do not lose hope! Just give your best at whatever you do. This time too shall pass. Things do take some time to process, just stay strong and do not cry. I know that you don’t like online learning, but everything will fall in place when the right time comes.

Remember you are a human, and you will learn new things everyday and will make mistakes too, but don’t dishearten yourself because otherwise you would not be able to do anything. Just don’t doubt yourself. At the end of all this, I want you to say, ” Yes, I did it!” and be happy. 🙂

– — Ria (from the beginning of the first semester)



  1. Valentina Agnes

    I’m truly moved by your words of inspiration. You give others a chance to relate and reflect on what you say! I admire that. This is also lovely!

  2. Jason Chen

    I like the idea of staying bright and optimistic but personally, I don’t think being saddened or depressed isn’t such a bad thing. Everyone has some their own problems they have to handle and sometimes it’s better to just it let out rather than bottlling them up.

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