Whats important about The Danger of a Single Story is to realize that there is always more than one side to a story. So by blindly believing in what you heard or what you are told can lead to you being misinformed. So by going out and learning from more than one outlet you save yourself from potentially hurting others and spreading false information.

In the speech Adichie mentions her roommate and how her roommate had a single story about Africa “a single story of catastrophe” how her roommate just assumed that Adichie was someone to pity because of where she came from. And this was all caused because of the single story her roommate was taught. I think it’s important for our education system to be able to teach students from a young age that there is more sides to a story than one. By doing this and knowing that what we are taught in school is not always the whole truth we can find new information and avoid the dangers of a single story.