By listing to the Talk of Adichie I felt related since I was a little bit like her and I thought that people in Guatemala were the only ones that existed. It was fun and interesting to hear to different stories that she told. I think what it is important about her talk is that she explains everything she says and we got to know about different things that maybe most of us didn’t knew about it. It is important that we learn about African culture and some aspects of the kid of life people have in Africa like Adichie had. We learned that with dedication we can succeed and be someone important and achieve our dreams if we persist in doing what we like to do. Getting information from a single source affects us when doing a research about a topic or even in our lives like those book about American people did to Adichie because she had no idea that people like her could exist in literature, and when she wrote she had no idea that her writing has to be 100% African. In conclusion it is important to found for different sources so we can get more information and don’t make any mistakes.