My topic will maybe be on zombies. Im choosing this topic because its always something I have been interested in; so I’m hoping maybe it’ll be interesting for everyone else to learn about as well. Ive always liked science. So when I found out about science fiction and how there are so many theories and fantasies people have brought to life by giving them some scientific explanation on how it could be possible I found it really cool.

I’m hoping by researching this topic I am able to find information on how the theory of zombies were created and how it became so popular. Maybe also whether the possibilities of zombies ever existing could happen. I would like to find out more about what professionals and scientist think about the matter. Whether they believe it could happen or if they just think its a childish theory.

If the research I find goes completely against what I thought I would find maybe I would continue my tedtalk on the same topic and just change my initial central idea to fit my research.