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Hw 09/20

From what I’ve seen, an education narrative seems to almost always have a plot and the perspective of at least one character. Another thing I picked up on is that usually there is some type of conflict with the character , internally or externally. Im not really into writing so I feel like starting my own narrative would be quite a struggle, but if i had to brainstorm ideas to get started , id probably think of any struggles I’ve had in the past and try to stick to something that i can write in full detail about and hopefully entertain someone else while I’m at it . Some concerns i have about writing a narrative of my own would be finding the proper thing to write about, a time in my life that i feel is worthy to write about. At the end i think the narrative should be entertaining , and i feel like taking something you experienced and turning it into a piece of writing for other people to enjoy is going to be difficult.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You completely have it! It is indeed a story, and the main character is YOU. The conflict is between you as an individual and education either as an idea or as that idea is embodied in the form of a teacher or other person of influence.

    By the way, it doesn’t have to be the most earth-shaking event in the history of the world :-D. Just something that stuck with you. Or even just a rant about education in general (which some examples from your own experiences). We’ll do some brainstorming in class on Monday Sept 20. But you’re on a good trajectory so far!

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