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Hw 09/13

I completely agree with what Carillo is saying. In my personal experiences, I always remember an imaginary template that was pushed onto us when it came to writing. If our pieces of writing didn’t meet the CCSS it would automatically be incorrect and I found that extremely irritating as I feel that most kids learn to write better when they can express their thoughts in a way that best suits them. In a way, I feel like it kills the imagination of kids when it comes to writing. being forced to write in the same way as your peers, having the same answers time and time again kills the desire to want to learn more. In my opinion, knowing a topic is knowing enough about it to be able to simplify it to someone who may not. Understanding a topic would be having just enough knowledge to know what it is, it may be something you’re still not familiar with but you have an idea of what it is. I feel like this is important in today’s world since I feel like many people decide to speak on delicate topics and it is important to be knowledgeable on these topics to not spread disinformation.

After listening/reading to lysicott and Tan I felt a type of comfort knowing that I’m not the only one that had experiences that could be linked to ” broken English” in my household. As a kid, I remember the times my mom would make me speak on the phone with different people over issues she may of had with a bill. I had a stuttering issue as a kid so having my mom tell me what to say, processing what she was telling me and trying to translate, while also trying to understand what was being said to me on the phone would sometimes be overwhelming. I related a lot to the part of the article when she told us how her mom would whisper in her ear and tell her what to say when shewas on the phone with the new york broker. When she said “my mother was standing in the back whispering loudly,”why he dont send me check. already 2 weeks late, he losing me money”. I actually found it kind of comical as i recall my mom doing the same exact thing , only that her english was kind of hard to understand sometimes . However, those days are gone now, both my parents are fluent in english but those memories will always stick with me , it is a reminder of where im from in a way , and it makes me proud to see how far my parents have come when it comes to their English.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    It’s amazing how much Amy Tan’s experience connects with people these days, isn’t it? And you’re absolutely right about how we need to really know what we’re talking about, especially these days when things are so tense. Nice work.

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