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Final revision ideas

In order for me to create my final portfolio I have to finish writing my unit one story because I never really got to finish and I feel like now that I’ve been able to learn new writing techniques it will be easier for me to tweak. I got a lot of suggestions from Professor Green and I’m definitely going to take them into consideration and add that to my unit one project because I feel like I can really up it and make it sound way better. The second thing that I have to do is go back and fix the rhetorical analysis for my unit three project. For this project I feel like I can make my rhetorical analysis better by using my classmates as an example and even though I tried that before and it didn’t really work out I feel like now that I’ve gotten a better understanding of the topic and the genre at hand that it will be way easier for me to do, then I will be good with those two units. For the essay that we have to write I feel like I can talk about how in high school English was very easy for me and I always thought that I was a good writer because I constantly got good grades but when I got to college it was a wake up call because it didn’t come as easy and I found myself having to re-analyze everything that I write and having a lot of writer’s block. 

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good ideas. Unit 1 is pretty good; look at the notes I left and the Revision Memo you put at the bottom of your draft that’s in the Google Drive. It mostly just needs a central idea to really hold it together — it’s very close. For Unit 2 Reflective Annotated Bibliography, you do need to do quite a bit of work to get it in shape. If looking at Hashim’s draft didn’t help, then you and I need to have a one-on-one conference to see what’s happening.

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