The tone/type of this podcast example is very open and free style. It doesn’t sound like they put a script or it doesn’t sound planned. The way this podcast uses research is by poll numbers. They’ll make a poll and have people answer it and based on the results, they’ll take about it. This sources visually is very calm and the music that they use matches what they are talking about. If their talking about something sad then they’ll play slow sounds. This podcast can last put to 2 hours of them just talking but the talks are very interesting. I think the audience is a mature audience. Maybe people who need relationship advice or even just life advice. In my project, I would like to add in the tone. This podcast that I heard makes you feel like you part of the conversation instead of you just listening into the conversation. I can do this by asking the audience a question and having them think about their answer. I’m not to sure what exactly I would avoid but I will try my best.