Jacquelyn Blain

Unit 2 Reflection

I kinda knew about it but at the same time no because I assumed things and did not have actually facts. This research compared to previous years is that this was mostly better than other years I think one or two was better than this. I learned about was how to find the source better and be more organized, what I learned as a researcher is that I’m decent at citing. I learned about rhetorical analysis is that it can help me with better analyzing any type of work. The problem that I faced was not having a lot of time at home working on it and I felt rushed as a result I solved it by sleeping less and me being organized. I felt I feel like a did decently but I know I can be better with time management.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Ah, time management. That’s a problem for so many of us! Understanding that is a big part of being able to budget your time; then again, some of us are still bad at that, too :-). You’ve got some nice insights here.

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