Jacquelyn Blain

Unit 2 Reflection

Before I started my research I didn’t know much about my topic, I knew it was an ongoing problem and that we were no where near a solution for it but thats about as much as I knew. Doing research this way is much easier I think because it doesn’t flee as if you are doing research or trying to find answers for something, instead this way makes it fun. it makes you want to learn more about your topic or at least that was the case with me, in the past i never really liked doing research. It made me feel bored and just want quit learning about new things, but this way gave me a new way to find information and made it all fun and exciting. Doing research this way I found it easier to find information but especially I found it easy to actually understand what I was researching. In the past I would research many things, if it were for school or just something I was interested in. But I actually never retained any information from it that I can go on to remember or use. This way however I can actually remember the information and understand most of it. Something I learned about myself as a researcher is that I need to work on my searching skills, meaning what I enter into the search bar. because sometimes you aren’t getting what you want because the question is phrased right. I also learned that me as a researcher, I’m not too bad at obtaining information a finding good sources. I find the rhetorical analysis really hard because I haven’t done anything like that before, but I seem to get the gist of it and how its supposed be like. The rhetorical analysis is something that I can use later on in my education career because it helps you understand the piece of text or whatever you reading a little more. It helps clarify things in a way, I really liked the idea of the rhetorical analysis however I find it really hard to do. Something that I would consider to be a problem that I faced while writing this annotated bibliography it the rhetorical analysis because I hadn’t done one, ever. I did solve this problem somewhat but I still think I can improve the way I write the rhetorical analysis and add more to it than what I already have. I feel happy with my end piece, however I think there are many ways in which I can improve it and make the best it can be.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good insights! I always find doing research a lot easier when it’s something I’m interested in, just like you. And about rhetorical analysis — it’s actually something we do every single day. When we say things like “of course he said that, that’s just who he is,” you’ve done author analysis. When you get in a class and do “I better do this work well because it’s important for my major and career,” you’ve done context analysis. Doing a more formal RA can be a pain, I grant you, but being able to tease out the various components of any situation is important, and that’s what this is all about. Good work.

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