Jacquelyn Blain

Mentor Text

For my mentor text, I was looking at was the New York times, this was because the tone being used was very informative and eye-catching with its headlines. The author sites their sources throughout the article and when they posted pictures, they put a little caption on the bottom to explain its significance. The articles are very formulaic and professional with a few pictures. I think that the article’s audience where people in their mid 20’s to late ’30s since it gives off this millennial vibe. The tittles were very eye-catching, the way they formulated their paragraphs were pleasing to eyes and they kept my attention. There isn’t anything that I wouldn’t want to do because of how good the articles are.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good work. You and Jazmin and perhaps some others are going to be a lot of help for each other, I think.

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