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The example that I was looking at had like a very welcoming language and seemed to be informative. The example showed research by stating a lot of facts and statistics, it gave just the right amount of information so that the reader doesn’t get bored and stop mid way. The example wasn’t too long, it was about a 5 min read, and the audience for my example was college students. I could tell this because the example was all about scholarship programs and offers for college students. Some aspects that I would emulate inΒ my own project are, not to make too long for it to become boring. Also to add visuals see the reader can create a sort or picture in their head of what they are reading. And things I would like to avoid are not making it too long as I said previously, not making the would project just words and information, But instead add visual and stuff to make it seem fun and exciting to read.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good analysis. I think you got information about structure and amount of content that you can use. Nice work.

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