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Project Proposal

Something that I would like to teach my audience is the importance of universal healthcare and the importance of having universal in America. The audience I expect to reach are those in their  mid-20s to late 60s. The reasoning behind the target audience is because it is around your mid-20’s when you are forced off your parents insurance and that’s when one realize that the importance of health insurance and what it may or may not cover. It is also when your in ur late 60s which is the traditional retirement age that one needs to know what kind of insurance you will have when you are retired.The genre I want to write in is either in an animated video or either a video essay. The reason behind this is that I believe is that information spreads more quickly and information is taking in more if the information is given visually. Videos like the infographics show or Oversimpified is my inspiration for choosing this, it can really give me more freedom in how I can put out information. My only concern when it comes to using this method is that I’m not very artistic, I’m worried that it will come out so clunky that it wouldn’t even matter what the content is.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is obviously a great topic and very timely. However, you’ve got such a wide range for audience that it’s not going to be terribly informative. The concerns of 20-somethings are very different than those of 60-somethings. I’d pick a specific target audience, because that will help you limit and focus, and decide on exactly what information you want. Also, if it’s targeted at 20-somethings, you’re more likely to be able to get to them with a video essay. If it’s 60-somethings, it would be better to do something like an article for AARP magazine or one of the online news sites. So… choice is really yours, and it all depends on that target audience.

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