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Project Proposal

For Unit 3 I plan on teaching my audience the effects of smartphone usage with children. The goal is to spread awareness to what constant usage of the smartphone does to children and for people to understand its benefits and the damage it causes. My target audience would be Parents, Guardians, relatives, or anyone with contact with kids. As smartphones are relatively new, there could be many unintended side effects which result from constant usage such as reduced eyesight .The genre I would write this would be either a podcast, News article, or even an infographic to relay as much facts as possible. I feel that these genres would be able to be seen by my target audience as there are many guardians who listen to podcasts and read news articles. The infographic would be to simply be spread in child oriented buildings such as a small poster or paper to read while waiting to be attended such as but not limited to: a doctor, dentist, a library, and any place with extensive waiting. I worry that the project will be entirely facts and would come up as boring or not interesting so I plan on tackling this problem by making it easy to pick up and diverging from the central topic while remaining relevant.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is a good topic but tricky in terms of who to target as an audience and how to get to them. Podcasts are so popular, and people tend to listen to them while they’re doing other things, so I think that’s a smart choice. Also, there are different kinds of podcasts, so you could do an interview or round table with people talking about smartphones in kids… But the main thing that will catch people’s attention is stories, so look for ways to sprinkle in real stories as well as general information/statistics etc. And there’s at least one other person in the class who wants to do a podcast, so you can help each other. This is a nice idea.

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