Something that I want to teach my audience is how dangerous climate change is but also that there is a way to fight it. I’m trying to reach as most people as possible. Anyone that acknowledges that climate change is a real thing but also anyone that doesn’t understand how dangerous climate change really is. I’m still not 100% sure what genre I want to use but the one that I’m leaning more into is graphic novel or comic. I’m not the best at drawing but I enjoy it and I thinks its a good way for people to understand how dangerous climate change is, specially those who don’t have social media. The way I plan on starting is by writing down the ideas that I want to incorporate on the comic but also like a planer of what I’ll do everyday to make sure I complete it. I feel like there might be a lot that I’m worried about but at the same times I’m not. I mean I’m really worry that my mind will decide to not work and that no ideas will come up or that I won’t know how to express what I’m trying to say.