After the content check activity we did in class, I learned that I need to make my reason for choosing my topic more clear, as well as what I hope to find out in my paper. I also got a note about perhaps changing the title to a question. That was all I got besides a question asking about white holes and if black holes can merge. The only issue with my paper is minor things with the first paragraph where I can word things better. Everything else was good by what my classmates said.

From doing the content check activity myself, I learned just how important formatting is. It changes how well you can read a long page of text and how organized it is so everything flows together nicely. It was easier to leave feedback when the writer was anonymous as well as the person revising being anonymous. Working with the same people when I went to look back at my reflective annotative bibliography did make me feel more comfortable as well. Overall the experience was good and helped me learn more about what the most important fixes can be made, and how we can do it effectively.