First Question: The last couple of things I did serious Googling about.

How can I obtain dual citizenship?

Who is eligible to obtain dual citizenship?

What does it mean to have a dual citizenship? What are the Tax implications?

What countries recognizes dual citizenship?

What does having a dual citizenship mean if i wanted to have kids? Can I pass it down?

What are the educational, health and work benefits?

Second Question: What I’ve always been curious about but never took the time to investigate.

What is Brexit?

When was the EU formed? And why was it formed in the first place?

What does brexit mean for the United Kingdom? What does this mean globally?

I am more interested in doing more research on dual citizenship. Its something that I’ve always been interested in, even more so now because I do not want to live in the states anymore. I don’t want to put roots down here but its harder then people think for Americans to emigrate. Everyone is so quick to say “If you don’t like it, then leave”; ok then, but how?