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I was very interested in many things when I was a kid, but the one thing i was always interested in was history. I wanted to know everything that happed in our past. I remember spending hours in the library researching the dinosaurs, the Roman Empire, the Elizabethan era, I couldn’t get enough. What kept my attention about history was its mystery’s. What happened to the library of Alexandria?, what happened the the Romanovs? (later solved and devastating). I had all these questions and I wasn’t the only one. Research expeditions are still conducted today to answer the questions we have about humanity’s past. 

I don’t remember when i developed this sense of curiosity, but I do know i was young. I remember asking for an excavation brush and magnifying glass when I was 7 because I wanted to see if I could find dinosaur bones in the backyard. The education system never really encouraged my curiosity, I understood that the teachers of my school only really knew what was in my textbook. How could my teacher know something that has been a mystery for hundreds, sometimes thousands of years. I am still interested in history, but now its more of a hobby. I visit exhibits, travel to historical sites, I and still enjoy a good historical documentary, however I don’t research as obsessively as I used to. I wouldn’t say it was just school that got in the way but mostly life. I have work, social obligations and, well, school which leaves me a few precious moments where I can unwind; but once in a while I do indulge in some historical research. Currently as I am writing this post, I have the TedEd playlist of mythologies throughout history. However, looking into the world past made me curious about my own history. My parents never really talked about their own families, there are cousins out there I don’t even know. I am interested in what my own family history holds.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I love history! And mostly because, like you, it always involves questions. I think it’s a wonderful perspective to have, too, knowing that past and present (and even future) are all tied together. Glad your curiosity is still alive and well, even if life doesn’t let you go all out the way you did as a kid.

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