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Something that I was interested in when I was a kid, was about how planes work and how I can fly one. I am not longer interested in this topic but I learned more about this by asking question about this to my parents and siblings. This helped me make sense of how planes worked and who were the people who flew them.

I would say my curiosity has changed a lot over the years and the education system had a big reason why. I never really noticed that as kids when we start school we tend ask less question because we are thought to focus more on things being said at school rather than what interest us. And that is one big reason I think I stoped being curious and asking questions, But since I learned about google and that I can get answers to just about anything. I have been more curious and always try to find the answers right away to any questions I have.

The reason that I lost interest in planes and becoming a pilot is when I learned about computers and programming. Since then, I would say that is just about the only thing I like to do and find more interesting facts about. I have always been curious about computers and how they work, so I started to do more research on that and now I’m a computers systems major, and plane on working with computers for as long as I can.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    One passion/area of curiosity can certainly give way to another one as we grow. The fact that you’re still curious about something is great!

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