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  • When I was a kid I was very interested in the Bermuda triangle. I heard about it one day in a history show my uncle was watching and I got curious. I searched up articles and heard about all different kind of cases where planes would lose power and start crashing into the water or even ships that have sunk in the Bermuda triangle. I started to gather lots of questions and one of those recurring questions was, “why is this happening“. I’ve heard many different theories and the more theories I read the more curious I got.
  • Over the years, I kind of forgot about the Bermuda Triangle and stopped searching for answers and the education system didn’t play a part in my curiosity because they don’t talk about things like that. They more teach you about the history of America and how it came to be and blah blah blah lol but they wouldn’t talk about the super natural things happening in the world. I would also try to see if my teachers would be interest and they wouldn’t put to much mind into it.
  • I wouldn’t say I lost the curiosity, I’m still very curious about it and have many questions about it but overtime I just stopped searching because I didn’t really have anyone else to talk to about it or do the research with me. In the article it stated something about even that little bit of motivation or someone to show interest will help but I didn’t have.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    A LOT of people have been curious about the Bermuda Triangle. It’s pretty interesting, actually. Glad you still get curious about stuff!

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