Jacquelyn Blain


High School“. I could have never thought that those two words could have so much meaning behind it. A tsunami forms in my head, flooding every inch of my mind in nothing but memories. The feelings that were felt, crashing down on me again as the words, “high school” are said. The time that I realized what reality really was, that the true meaning of happiness doesn’t come from another but only within oneself. So innocent and so fragile, I didn’t see that in the flood, I was standing on my own. The faces of those I called “friends” turned into faces I no longer recognized. Those that I loved… faded into nothing but a memory, “high school”. Four. Four is the number of faces that haven’t washed away. Those who supported me even when the craziest thought would come to mind, but, even with four I still feel alone. The flood has blinded me for so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be happy yet alone. To not feel the need to be distracted from what reality has unfolded to really be. Though, I always wasn’t like this. There was a time where happiness was all that crossed my mind, where the word “high school” only brought joy to my mind.

Freshman year. I remember this day like it was yesterday, I wore my favorite navy blue cropped shirt, with my favorite dark washed skinny jeans and paired it with some all black Jordan’s with some hints of pink that my mom had just bought me. It was hot and the sky’s were clear. “High School“. So long awaited and I was finally here, I’m in “high school“. I could feel butterfly’s in my stomach as those words were said. I was so excited for the new chapter of my life to begin. I felt more and more butterfly’s as I say goodbye to my mom and walk in to “high school” for the very first time. All day, I’ve met new faces and saw some old faces along the way. I laughed and played the whole day, meeting more and more faces as I went along my day. It was soon home time, and my mom was waiting for me by the school stairs. All the way home, I went on and on about my day. Telling the names of my teachers and new friends I had just made. “I’m finally in high school” I would say as I settled down and got ready, for tomorrow’s a new day in “high school“.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I love the creativity in how you set this up and wrote it. Very powerful moments and feelings — you really captured what that felt like. Nice work!

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