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I agree and disagree but it depends on teachers. Some teachers I had asked us to be creative with reading and annotating and it made the book or whatever we are reading more interesting to read but some teachers make it boring when we read/annotate something without bringing our own ideas or thoughts into it to gain a better awareness of what we were reading. Carillo stated in the text, “knowing something and understanding something are two different things”.When you know something, you just know the surface of it; however, comprehending it entails seeing the larger picture of the text. You must scratch under the surface to discover why the author stated what he did or wrote the text the way he did. Putting emotion and perhaps even experience into your reading will help you better grasp what you’re reading. I had lots of times when the teachers made the class so boring and so expressing our emotions that I fell asleep during class, I got some of her tests/quizzes wrong and almost failing her class because I had to put the same answers and the same ideas as her but later on, she realized that she was doing a mistake and thankfully she changed her teaching ways and it was a little bit better by expressing our ideas and explaining it.

I can relate to Mother Tounge by Tan because a whole lot of times when there’s a phone call or sometimes in-person meeting my parents would usually talk really bad English or translate what someone is saying or translate them. I mean I have to because they didn’t learn English, they are Polish quick story my parents were from Poland and officially moved to New York then my older sister was born. My parents find speaking English or responding a challenge but they mostly understand it.  So one example would be when I text my friends I would say “lol “or “lmao” but to my parents, I would text most of the time an emoji or text “haha” or when I say “I’m almost there” to my parents I would say “I’m about to pull up”.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You’ve got lots of different “Englishes” with your parents! I love that you even change up your text language from things like ‘lol’ to emojis for them. Very thoughtful, and a great way to use the tech and be helpful.

    That’s an interesting story about that teacher. Your journey with her would actually make an interesting Education Narrative — how it went from “learn it this way” to you falling asleep to her revising her teacher strategies and approach. Did you realize you had that much power? 🙂 I have to give the teacher credit for being willing to change, too.

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