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How to read like a writer

I agree with Ellen Carillo , because most of the problems with the school system have experience and also relate to. When you are in school and you learn or read something you are supposed to do it in a certain way no if or but and everything you learn has to be memorized and don’t feel like you’re learning it feel as if you are being told to accept what the teacher taught you.It make me feel as if my thought dont matter and that my voice is being downplayed and shut out, it also portrays one way of thinking. Knowledge is something you gain from being taught or experience in your life about a subject or topic while understanding is when you have a full grasp of a topic and of the subject. This is important in the real world because a lot of people like to say they have a vast knowledge of somtinh and people will listen to them while not knowing that person doesn’t have a full understanding on what they are talking about for example on twitter people will talk about stuff like how the vaccine is fake/ how it make you magnetic because they rub a spoon on there head in it stuck.  

My experience with “English” is that a large majority of my family is Caribbean so they speak “broken” English so the way is to speak to my family. I became “aware of the different English i do use “ it was when i came back from visiting my family in the Caribbean and went back to school and for the first month is spoke as if i was speaking to my family, when i way speaking to my friend he ask why i was doing a Caribbean accent that when i started to notice.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Couple of things. First, great post. Second, it’s amazing how much we go back to our original language/accent/dialect when we return to our places of origin. I even sound more “Southern” after I talk to my brother on the phone (he’s still in Texas). Third thing, the comment about magnetic heads and spoons made me laugh, but it’s so true, and such a great example of knowing vs. understanding… although I’m not sure what that person actually “knows”… Good post!

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