Jacquelyn Blain

How to read like a writer

When Bunn says “You are already an author” I think what he means by this is that everybody has something that they want to say, share or write down they just need to channel their inner author and put it into writing. For instance, writing in my journal about how my day went or writing a post on open lab about how my feelings are for his class. This can help me in college reading because I can use my inner author to get inside the author’s brain and better understand their ideas.

I noticed in Bunn’s writing that he asks questions to really get you thinking. The questions that he asks can help me analyze my writing and see how I can improve to make it more enjoyable and clear for the reader. I feel like I would use this technique in my own writing, just because it makes the text more interesting.

I enjoyed reading and annotating the text because it made me think about different writing strategies. Which ones do I already use? Which ones should I incorporate?


  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Good comments! It really boils down to asking questions — what does my audience need? How can I best put that down on paper (or whatever text I’m creating)?

  2. Nevaeh Christopher

    Like what you said great work!!!!

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