We are happy to announce the first BIB club meeting of Fall 2018 on Thursday, September 27. We will be hosting it in room N523, with an open discussion about the mission of the club!
The goal of this meeting is to gather as much information as possible to provide you fellow BIB club member with accurate and degree specific information, that will help you succeed.
We want the club to be a resource center for students!

So this semester we will have few events:
1. Customized workshops for BIB students.
2. Getting information about internship and research requirement.
3. Organized field trips

Attendance is important come join us!
A united and organized club = strength & success
Do not let others make decisions for your future
be involved, be present, be heard! 

Thursday from 1-2pm room N523

Let’s rebuild together!
Let’s succeed together!