Arsenic and the chicken you eat

In order to keep up with our previous arsenic and apple juice post, I thought it might be interesting to present this article.  Now you see an article introducing the presence of arsenic in chicken.  Interestinlgy, they talk about the uses of arsenic in chicken and why the concentration is usually high (hint: antibacterial).  Please, review this article and share your thoughts.  Remember to refer to the arsenic in your apple juice post to review why arsenic can represent a health hazard.  You can even google arsenic+cancer and you will find some interesting articles.

Please, access the article from the NYT and share your thoughts about this topic.  Review also the comments below.  Do you consider these comments objective and with a scientific basis?

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  1. alsaeditareq says:

    the last articles we read were about arsenic and drinks, and the high arsenic level in rice. now we reading arsenic in chickens and tomorrow we will read some thing different. due to the highly need for chickens in the market, the chicken’s farms owner have their own way to provide the markets with a large weighty chickens. “this is a business and they dealing with money and time”. this is not new we heard about this long time a go. owners give the chickens a lot of medications and other substances that some of them are approved by the FDA and the other not. this is harmful for human. we keep asking our self why diseases are always increasing and the answer is there for us but we are not looking for it. we have to think and look of what we eating or feeding our children. most people are paying attention to what they wear but when it gets to food, they just get “WHATEVER”.

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