Are you up for a beef burger?

Modern consumers seem to be more interested in health and food quality. The media is constantly trying to expose practices that are not considered so safe for the health of individuals. Scientists are constantly trying to address the safety of the products that are part of our daily diets, and new evidence is generated as we speak. One of the purposes of this nutrition class is to make students aware of the current issues from a health and scientific perspective and promote critical thinking on topics that represent a public concern.


This article addresses the quality of beef burgers. For the past few years, the quality and safety of products of big fast food chains have been questioned. It seems that some of these companies are trying to fight the stigma and new changes have been made to adapt to consumer needs. Trans-fats have been reduced, chicken fillers have been modified, but this article presents a new perspective on burgers and the fillers used. They actually talked about “pink slime” a product that was previously used only as dog food, but it is actually now used in some of the burgers we get from these fast food chains.


Please, review the article below and share your thoughts. Would you feel safe eating burgers with the pink slime? Do you consider that media could affect the product without scientific evidence? What could be the financial impact of banning these products?


You can access the complete article from  It could even be interesting to google search pink slime and find what it is.

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3 Responses to Are you up for a beef burger?

  1. alsaeditareq says:

    i think no one wants to eat this but we dont know what restaurants and fast food places are provided to us. the media has a great effects on people but i dont think that they affect this products with out scientific evidence but most people will follow the media by not eating these products.

  2. wafa says:

    Now introducing the McSlime supreem with a side of coke for only $1 ….mmmm thats a killer deal…literally.

  3. vitaz says:

    Everyday we find out more and more from the media, about how different brands put disgusting stuff in their food just to sell it cheaper or to make the life expectancy longer. At this point people don’t know what to buy to be safe and not to consume bad healthy choices. This is sad!

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