Weekly material

Weeks 1-2 – DNA and RNA

  • Explore DNAs of different organisms in the UCSC Genome Browser.
  • You can download the files containing the lengths of the chromosomes of multiple genomes available at the UCSC Browser. These are small text files ending with “chrom.sizes” that can be found under the “Full data set” link at each genome.
  • Obtain 50K base pairs of DNA in the beta globin locus on human chromosome 11 (exercise from the Pevsner textbook).
  • Read about the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA elements) project.
  • Explore the most widely used data file formats in bioinformatics and genomics.
  • Explore miRBase, the microRNA database.
  • GEO is a public functional genomics data repository for array-based and sequence-based datasets. Follow this tutorial to learn how to download fastq format data from published papers.

Weeks 3-5 – Microarrays

Weeks 6-7 – RNA-seq