Biological Macromolecules (concept)


Macromolecules Concept Map


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Summarizing Macromolecule Detection

US Nutritional Fact Label 2
A nutrition label illustrates the breakdown of chemical components of Macaroni and Cheese. This is not limited to the macromolecules discussed here. Items like Iron and Sodium are ions that are important for the function of the cell.
Fill in the table below to illustrate how molecules in the above nutrition table were detected. What would you use as a Positive control? What would be the outcome of that Positive Control (color)? What about negative controls? Using the nutrition label above or a similar one, indicate what the test result would be if using the individual tests and indicate if that molecule is absent or present. Remember, if the sugars (simple reducing sugars) and the dietary fiber don’t add up to the total carbohydrates, the remainder is starch.



Summary of Biomolecule Tests

Biomolecule Tests