Assignment #3 Digital Collage and Real Collage

copy and paste

Broad-Range Digital Collage


Broad-Range Collage

On the left side is the digital collage which is copied to look exactly alikeĀ  the collage on the right.I had a hard time trying to copy the original because of the program photo shop I haven’t understandĀ  yet.The collages has a mid range of narrow tonality of black and gray. Only two part of the collage has a high key of white in it.My focal point is theĀ  round button in my jean jacket that looks like a eye. Reason why its the focal point because the human body is so a custom to seeing the eye before everything else which is normal to some. My goal here was to replicate the original collageĀ  in digital form but it wasn’t successful.Positive: itĀ  came out cleaner than the original.

The Artist Space Trip

IMG_0191[1] IMG_0190[1] IMG_0185[1] IMG_0186[1] IMG_0183[1] IMG_0192[1]The trip to the Artist Space was a contribution to Richard Hollis a wonderful graphic designer who worked hard to get where he is today.The pictures above demonstrates some ofĀ  Richard Hollis’s greatest work before advance technology today.The picture above that said New Middle East gives a strong meaning of what hes trying to explain and show feeling to the viewer which I feel was the best picture of all in the trip. His past work gave me a lesson of designing not only towards magazines, books, and posters but game designing.