Due Date: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Grading: 15% of final course grade

Submission: Submit via this Dropbox link as a Word document (labeled: First Name Last Name, Meditation Assignment). Only submit one file that includes both your essay and your complete daily log.

Assignment Details
Meditation “challenges” have become quite popular lately, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon to put our self-help study into action (turning theory into practice). You will develop a meditation practice and return to it each day for two weeks. You will also enhance your mindfulness, self-awareness, and reflection through journaling.

Specific details:

– Set an intention for the project and commit to a particular meditation app / program.

*See the information on the Schedule for work due Tu 4/5 for information on setting an intention for the assignment, researching / evaluating different meditation apps / programs, and choosing a path forward.]

– Complete a guided meditation session each day for 14 consecutive days (two weeks), using a meditation app or program of your own choosing.

-Set an intention for each meditation session (it should be related to your overall intention for the project).

– Each day, spend time writing mindfully about your intentions, feelings, thoughts, embodied experiences, behaviors, and responses before and after each meditation session.

– Keep a daily log with relevant metadata of sessions (e.g., which session, how long, where, when) along with pre- and post-meditation freewriting (minimum 5 minutes and 15 minutes, respectively). You will submit this log along with your essay.

– After you complete the 14 days of meditation, write a 4-6 page reflective essay that holistically, honestly, and thoughtfully meditates (pun intended!) on your experiences.

-Use MLA citations (both in-text and Works Cited page)

*The primary “text” for this assignment is your own meditation practice in conversation with the guided program (the “teaching” or “curriculum”). You should also incorporate connections to the self-help genre, including genre conventions, features, themes, discussions we’ve had in class, and texts we’ve read.

– The essay should be well-organized, comprehensive, reflective, as well as thoroughly revised, edited, and proofread.