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Class notes

Final presentations

The presenters were as followed


  1. Elaina

-How can self-help help improve mental health illnesses?

-Mental health illnesses affect mood, thinking and behavior


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Class Notes

Class notes 

Order of presentations 

  1. Erick
  2. Sofia
  3. Hanna
  4. Olga
  5. Julie
  6. Elaina
  7. George 
  8. Lash
  9. Ashley
  10. Katie
  11. Simmone 

We were all given 8 minutes on the clock to present but not expected … Read More

Class Notes

The class was to write for every presentation: one thing you thought was really awesome/one thing you could offer a suggestion. 

Feedback for each presentation

  • Images should be cited too
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Class Notes

Tuesday, 05/05/2022

Class Notes

 by Sofia

At the beginning of the class Prof. Jill Belli is giving us a little “lightening” assignment in class about summarizing our project. (within 2-3 … Read More

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