Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

Class Notes

Final Presentations


Order of presentations 

  • Elaina
  • George
  • Kashfi
  • Ashley
  • Katie
  • Daphney
  • Kelani

We were all given 8 minutes on the clock to present but were not expected to use all 8 minutes. 

Elaina presentation – How can the term self-help improve mental health?

Q: Katie – What do you think people that have mental health can do to relieve stress?

A: Courage people no matter what others might think of you.

Q: Prof. Belli – Can you speak about self-help and self-care and how it approves medically?

A: Self-help and self-care are different. Self-help is what you do best to take care of yourself. Self-care is taking care of health that deals with illness when it occurs. Medication falls under self-care.

George presentation – How effective is self-help to college students?

Q: Prof. Belli – What are you seeing about the medical institutions?

A: He did not find any books about Cuny. George didn’t think of Cuny. 

Q: Ashley – Did you have any problems finding information, or did you have a counterargument?

A: No, his argument was not complex. He was able to find sources. He did find one source against everything he chose/talked about in his presentation.

Kashif presentation – How assertiveness can be related to self-help

Q: Prof. Belli – Can you talk about the primary text, such as sources?

A: He did not find any sources for his argument. He wanted to find sources about his topic. 

Ashley presentation – How do practicing self-care and mindfulness affect college students working professionals?

Q: Prof. Belli – Talk about the difference in demographics? Explain the difference between self-care and working professionals

A: Self-care and working professionals are very different. 

Q: Daphney – If self-care doesn’t work, should I seek professional help?

A: There is no right or wrong way. But, if you need to see a professional get the help, that can be great.

Katie’s presentation – Is There a Way to Control Your Anger, Without Controlling everything? 

Q: Prof. Belli – What type of self-help deals with anger?

A: She has a self-help book that she finds fascinating. Going in-depth with how to deal with your anger and also your behavior

Q: Elaina – What techniques do you try for self-help?

A: Have to do breathe in and breath out techniques. Sometimes a person can do something very hurtful but is trying to help you, and not sometimes, and you have to think that you can’t take it the wrong way. 

Daphney presentation – Self-help through the lens of religion

Argument: “There is a relation between self-help and religion/Christianity though some may differ. Some self-help practices or techniques are useful to Christianity while they don’t jeopardize one’s faith, such as drawing a vision and mental exercises. They have to be seen through the lens of biblical truth.’’

Q: Prof. Belli – What is self-help as a genre, and how does it engage with religion?

A: Self-help doesn’t seem like religion. Most self-help authors don’t believe in God. 

Kelani presentation- The Law Of Attraction

Argument: The law of attraction on self-help 

Wrap up for class: We still have a few presentations left for the end of class. Practice self-help techniques out of the course. Thank you, everyone, for coming to class.

Check the open lab for your grade on May 27t and Cunyfirst. 

  • Prof. Belli will be reading everyone’s final course reflections.
  • Make sure to give it on time. Prof. Belli will not take any late reflections. 
  • GREAT Presentations, Everyone!!!


Thank you, everyone, for coming to class.

Practice self-help techniques out of the course.



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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks so much for these Notes Julie, and for getting them up so quickly!

    I know it’s so hard to keep track of everything happening in class, so here are a few revisions for clarity on my questions to students during the Q&A portion of the presentations:

    – For Elaina, I asked her to speak of the relationship between self-help / self-care and medical treatment for mental health concerns.

    – For George, I asked about educational institutions (colleges and universities), not medical institutions.

    – For Ashley, I asked about the different needs of the two demographics she discussed: college students (not self-care) and working professionals.

    – For Daphney, I asked how the self-help genre engages religion, if at all.

    – For Kelani, I asked her to speak to the primary texts (books) she researched in the self-help genre.

    – For Katie’s presentation, I asked about the self-help texts (primary texts) she found that help their readers to deal with anger.

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