This research was conducted to show a relation between self-help and religion. It presents each of these subjects precisely as what they are, describing self-help as a self-guided improvement through literature, as opposed to working with a practitioner, and religion, as a particular system of faith and worship towards a superhuman controlling power or a personal God. This research connects to self-help as it shows that both “self-help” and “Christianity” are known to help people better themselves as the term self-help is self-explanatory. As two separate terms, one might wonder if there is any type of  relation between them, and another might argue and be convinced that there is none, whatsoever.  Looking at their definitions, it is not surprising that some Christians totally separate those two. Nevertheless, where one meets with the other and does not contradicts it, there is a connection. Well, this research establishes a link between self-help and religion and confirms that not only religious involvement is strongly related to self-esteem, as a significant aspect or sub-genre of self-help, but also practices or techniques, such as creating a vision or doing mental exercise are also exhorted in The Bible.


This research was done through legit journals, reviews and sites. Through it, people will clearly understand that there might not be specific and direct statements of self-help activities, exercises, practices or techniques in The Bible, but there are many texts or Christian practices that address the soul, body, health, spirit, etc. Christianity or religion might have more to it than strictly focusing on one self and The Bible may not even mention the terms self-help, self-esteem or any other sub-genre directly, but it surely urges believers to also help themselves and take some actions. Overall, this research demonstrates that self-help engages with religion and that at some point, some self-help practices are or might be useful to Christianity without jeopardizing one’s beliefs. All the same, it proves that one has to look at self-help through the lens of biblical truth, where they both coincide, agreeing with one another with what is right and resulting to similar or same outcomes.







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