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Julie Lynch (Lightning Presentation)


This research project questions, “How has Covid-19 Pandemic affected student’s mental health?” It relates to the self-help genre to clarify how it patterns into teens’ mental health. Self-help is emotional, mental, and physical aspects. Parts of our lives are to maintain a healthy mind. Mental health overall is a constant struggle for teens. It has become more challenging while fight against the virus every day.
We cope with figuring out how to deal with mental health during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on psychology and mental health is anticipated to be significant and may affect the population disproportionately, especially adolescents. COVID-19 has affected life daily in unprecedented ways. Before and during the Pandemic. Having this vital topic in young teens’ lives during this ongoing Pandemic to understand the mental health impacts of COVID-19, as the Pandemic has tightened the link between lifestyle behaviors and depression.

Young people’s mental health has significantly taken a toll by the COVID‑19 crisis. This crisis is disproportionately affecting young people. Anxiety and depression have risen dramatically due to teens’ mental state of mind. With not getting the help that teens needs, young people negatively experience mental distress, which they may not bounce back as we recover from the COVID‑19 crisis. Being able to know that the COVID‑19 crisis has significantly affected the lives of young people, precisely their mental health issues need to be recognized to be able to

Mental health help regulate a way of understanding self-help. Teens’ mental health is essential because it allows individuals to understand self-help’s importance. All individuals should find that inner mental state factor that helps ease stress to make them happier. Many individuals like myself face many obstacles. Finding a significant healthy mindset, such as meditation, therapy, etc., will help one be healthier and have a more significant state of mind.