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The overall topic of the research project is if self help can be found within the Catholic Church. Self-Help remains unique to every individual who seeks it, this research project highlights the involvement of Self-Help within religion more specifically the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church provides many resources that influence the opportunity for individuals to practice and adopt the concept of Self-Help. Though there are resources that are provided by the church, the research project is meant to look within the church, to see how prominent and present Self-Help is within the teachings of the church and its resources. 

The purpose of this research project is to analyze the similarities of the Self-Help genre and religion. Both the genre/concept of Self-Help share many similarities when it comes to an individual seeking Self-Help for themselves. Self-Help is different for every individual. Anything from reading, meditating, praying, or going to the gym are different ways people can apply Self-Help for themselves. And religion has a very big influence in society to this day, especially the Catholic Church. Therefore as a big institution which has influence over society comes the question of how present is Self-Help within the Catholic Church?