My Presentation:

George Adofo Presentation



Self Help has been used in multiple colleges providing students with aid through tuff times. This research project looks into how effective self help is to college students.  With the multiple events such as COVID as well as the stress pf being a student learning in a higher institution, this project’s goal is to display has provided students with a guidance for their health.

Ever since the beginning of COVID, it has been getting hard for students to progress with school with not only the potential chance of getting sick as well as with the scare of death, but the rapid changes with how classes functioned with students switching to online courses. COVID  has affected many students both physically and mentally including their families causing their minds to be in panic and unstable. With all of this and even now it will take a considerable amount of time for college students to even recover from all of this.

Colleges since the start of this have been providing some help to support the students suffering all of this. On multiple college websites they have been providing counseling for students. With the various resources from self  provided to students, it would be very helpful to students. Finding a way to reduce this will help every college student’s life to close as possible to before COVID and reduced stress as well.