George Adofo

Dr Jill Belli

ENG 3402-OL80


Topic: The guidance and advice of Self help given to College students as well as fresh graduates.

Proposal: Throughout this course, we have been studying self-help for quite some time and I would like to learn more and expand my view. My target for this is college students since I am one and know the stress coming from it. As well as the fact there have been multiple events that has affected everyone around the world including college students. I want to target the mental state of these students to see why they would look or need self help and how it would impact their school life. I have also seen based of class that not a lot support the idea of self help and see it as inefficient.
With this, I added this into my idea and wanted to discuss both sides and display in the class both ideas in perspective. It honestly interested me with how the side that doesn’t approve of self help showed how they didn’t like it.

Source #1:
Hall, J. (2020, April 14). 15 self-care tips for college students during COVID-19. TimelyMD. Retrieved May 3, 2022, from
This source is a blog which advice and provide guidance for college students. For my goal, this website has provided me with 15 self care tips for college students during COVID which is a perfect example I can use. I think this website is a great point especially since covid has effected some many people around the world including myself. It provided some advice which stood out such as taking a break from news and media to avoiding the feelings of fear and anxiety. It even provided advice with meditation just like we have done in class for the physical benefits.

Source #2:
17 self-care activities for college students. College Girl Smarts. (2021, March 7). Retrieved May 3, 2022, from

This has a very similar idea and approach as my previous with the objective of the website with how they want to help college students. What I found to be a little different with the approach is how they give the ideas. It seems that the website is putting themselves in the student’s shoes and are trying to relate with them and using solutions such watching tv(using Hulu or Netflix). With the creator of the website providing options of shows the person watches while also giving recommendations. I also see on the website exercises and links for other advices for college students as well which can relate to improving a student’s self help. One that stood out to me in interest is taking a 15 minute break every 45 minutes because I was curious of how it would work in certain situations.

Source #3:
How college students can prioritize self-care. (n.d.). Retrieved May 3, 2022, from

This third source is basically the same as the first two. So far on this website it has been able to display data on factors that affect a student’s academic performance and being a college student myself its all correct. Though I was curious to how sleep wasn’t a little bit higher because my sleep schedule is already bad enough. It showed surprising effects of long term stress that I really didn’t think off such as risk of hypertension and risk of autoimmune diseases. A thing that really surprised me was that it said to conduct mental health check ins but reading the information makes sense in case the student gets too depressed and recommend to actually go to your school’s counseling centers or someone to guide you.

Source #4:
Mark Manson. (2022, January 20). 5 problems with the self-help industry. Mark Manson. Retrieved May 2, 2022, from

This critique source points out 5 negatives of self help. The first point is about perception and inferiority which in short is saying if a bad to ok person were to fail its okay to remain the same and lack worthiness and inferiority. The second point made in the article is how self help is used as an avoidance instead of actually taking a step to make a change. The third point made in this is the unexpected expectations created. The fourth one actually surprised me a little because it titled scientific validation but in my opinion there are certain things that don’t need science. The final idea from the website is that self help itself is a contradiction. The fact you say to yourself you don’t need help but then you find out the advice is useful to you.

Source #5
Home. CCC Health Wellness Program. (n.d.). Retrieved May 3, 2022, from
Unlike my first source discussing the idea around COVID, this source I have chosen specially discusses about the fact COVID with steps provided on how to practice self care. It has multiple links presented in such as the links we have used during the break for our own meditation assignment. As well as provided a link for strategies to cope with coronavirus anxiety.

Source #6
Banuelos, R. (2022, March 24). Self-care as a commodity in students’ lives – The Arizona State Press. The State Press. Retrieved May 3, 2022, from
This article was actually something I was really looking for. I wanted to get a little idea from a student’s own mouth of how they are feeling during school and how they are going with studies. With the idea of what the person is feeling, it led to the explanation of self care in the rest of the article.