How can self-help improve mental health illness?

Self help is about improving and bettering yourself without any help from anyone else. Majority of the people who have some type of self help do it to refocus on themselves in a positive way. However, what about those who are managing life with a mental illness. Any form of mental health issue allows a person to experience days that they feel not completely themselves. They may have to take medications or require treatments that can be draining for their body and mind.My proposal is how can we allow the term self help to improve the minds of those dealing with mental health.Many of these articles can help with people who have mental health illness. These articles give suggestions ,techniques and strategies in how to make self help work for them.

  This article talks about how difficult it is to have mental health issues but there is a way to make it helpful and accepting. Emmie Pombo explains the common suggestions of self help but exercising , mediating and being present. However she does suggest new coping mechanisms that can be used when dealing with any type of mental health. For example, one of the techniques of coping with mental health illness is Radical acceptance. To justify what radical acceptance it’s simply accepting that you have a mental health issue. It’s dealing with the fact that you are diagnosed with an illness and not dwelling on treatments and cures but accepting that you cannot change the outcome. The other mechanisms are deep breathing, opposite- to-emotion thinking, the 5 senses, mental reframing and emotion awareness.


The practice of self-care means taking care of yourself physically,mentally and emotionally. It’s important to take care of yourself because it can benefit your mental health. Before the article talks about suggestions on working to better mental health the Pathways Behavioral Health  services said that “self care relies on self-awareness.”  self awareness is being aware of  your emotions and any form of stress.  Knowing what activities you may like can help with your hell- being and reduce the amount of any negative symptom due to mental health. The six main points that are explained in the article are identifying the things that matter to you, changing your mindset, taking a quick mental survey of your body , sleep and rest, exercising in any form, and practicing healthy eating habits.


 Taking the time to take care of yourself is important. It’s even more important to be active physically but mental illness can take a various amount of energy from your body and mind. For example, connect with yourself. According to Mental Health America “If you have had low times in the past you understand how hard it can be to get out of those places. Learning all that you can about your mental health condition will help let you know that your hard times are not your fault”. Checking in with yourself is taking a step to helping yourself with any type of illness that a person may be dealing with.


It’s easy to neglect yourself when you are so focused on just your condition. Self help reduces the stress that’s in your body. Holding onto too much stress can take a toll on your body and may cause it to shut down. A person that has mental health illness is already fighting the treatment and or complications that consist of dealing with a particular condition and stressong could make it worse. In the article the author explains that self help is also about nourishing your body. Eating healthy food and nutritious food is good for your body physically and mentally.


There are many different types of mental illness. When being diagnosed with a mental health illness it is important to get the best treatment that is available. Some have to do with medication and others have to do with helping yourself. The strategies in this article are suggestions in order to improve your mind for those who are dealing with a mental condition. Managing self talk can help improve mental health. Also can seeking supportive connections and relationships. Speaking positive thoughts can be beneficial for your mind and body since they both are connected. Spending time alone leading to isolation isn’t good for your mental health; it can even lead to depression. Having people who are around you that can make you feel good is just as important when having a mental condition.