Is the law of attraction real and how can it be applied to everyday life? This topic interests me because there are a lot of people who are skeptical and there are people who believe in the law of attraction. When we read “The Secret” in class, I was interested and I couldn’t believe that the author, Rhonda Byrne, got so much praise for telling people to manifest their desires. This seems obvious but she intrigued people by calling it a secret. This topic interests others because it seems silly at first to just say what you want and that’s how you attract it. This is so easy to do which makes this so appealing.  All you have to do is not mention what you don’t want and we all have a habit of doing this. This is an easy solution to life’s problems.


Is ‘manifesting’ dangerous magical thinking or a formula for success?

In this article, the author interviews a woman who discusses how reading “The Secret” has changed her life and given her a new perspective. She tells the story about when her friend recommended the book to her and she has been reading self-help literature ever since. The article also discusses the success of “The Secret” and the influence it had on society. The origin story of the author of “The Secret”, Rhonda Byrne, was given a self-help book by her daughter which changed her life and inspired her to write her book.


Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Manifesting and Does It Actually Work?

In this article, the author talks to different psychologists and gets their thoughts and opinions about manifesting. They all agree that manifesting can be very beneficial and it is about more than just getting the things you want. Manifestation also makes you realize what is important in life. The psychologists agree that manifestation is especially important in today’s post-covid world.


How To Manifest: A Guide To Willing Your Goals Into Existence In 2022

This article briefly mentions the effects of covid and how we all have no control over this virus. Manifestation gives people hope and a sense of control. This article also quotes some celebrities and mentions their experiences in manifestation. Manifestation may seem hard to achieve for the everyday person who is not a celebrity but it is possible.


Is This Book The Millennial Answer To The Secret?

This article talks about the increased popularity of self-help novels in the past decade and an author, Roxie Nafousi, of a popular self-help book called ” Manifest: 7 Steps To Living Your Best Life,  mentions seeing social media influencers and celebrities holding copies of her book and talks about self-help books almost becoming a fashion statement or a trend. This was interesting to me because self-help was made fun of and seen as silly back then and this is another example of how much influence celebrities have on our lives but the difference is that this is a trend that is having a positive effect on people’s lives.


Covid brought ‘manifestation’ back. But you can’t simply will your way to a better life.

In this article, people who have professions in psychology, share their reasons as to why manifestation can be very harmful. These psychologists and psychiatrists tell their patients to do the exact opposite of what these self-help experts preach. They tell their patients to separate themselves from their thoughts while self-help enthusiasts tell you to become your thoughts. They also mention their worries about the self-proclaimed self-help experts and their lack of credibility and feelings that manifestation sets people up for failure by giving them false hope and telling them to speak their thoughts into existence while they do not take the required actions needed. This is exactly why I was skeptical because there are forces out of our control that get in the way of manifestation. This also causes people to feel discouraged or as if they have failed if manifestation does not work for them.