Katie Lynch

Professor Billi

Self-Help 3402

How can you defuse your anger with self help: Before it defuses you


My proposal is “How can we use self-help to not only defuse our anger but to infuse our lives?” This topic I am proposing is directly linked to self-help because it is all exercises and work you do yourself with the guidance of others.  Also the literature really shows you how to look within and understand where your anger is coming from. With the ability to understand where something, in this case anger is coming from we can move forward into a more productive life.

Self-help not only helps a person understand where their anger is coming from, but also guides you by teaching you tools to use to alleviate it. Taking the time to show you how you can understand your anger it puts the control back in your hands. As contradictory as it sounds, it gives you control by showing you that you can not control everything. Through the exercises and explanations self-help opens your eyes and mind to a happier and healthier path.

These articles and books not only give you the tools but they take surveys to help open your eyes to whether you are an angry person. Which let’s be honest, if we were not then why would we be reading up on it. But I guess for some it takes some time to remove the denial from our minds. In order to feel better, we have to want to be and do better.

In the end with self-help we can gather the tools and build up the mindset that it is possible to overcome. With the defusing of anger I find we can use it to infuse our lives with the ability to not self sabotage. Anger is a very consuming feeling. It can destroy not only you, but those around you. Therefore with self- help I believe you can defuse your anger before it defuses your.

Anger management: 10 tips to tame your temper by Mayoclinic staff



Controlling Anger: An NHS self help guide by NHS Foundation Trust



Anger Management
Authored by Dr Mary Lowth, Reviewed by Dr John Cox