• Primary source of this project: Secondary Research¬†
    • Connected to one’s personal ability¬†
    • Secondary Research: different conducting ideas of self help
  • Research on topics that we choose to learn more about towards self help.
  • 04/26: Proposal Draft + 3 annotated source.¬†
  • Post requires: Research Proposal + 3 annotated sources ( categories a ‚ÄúResearch project proposal¬†
  • It’s okay to change topics, that’s how research evolves.

-narrow down topic and elaborate it.

  • 2 separate Assignment¬†
  • Meditation Assignment: 2 week journal due: April 26th
  • Research Project: based on the topic you choose and present research as well.

                Research and writing in class presented on demonstrating a 

  1. Research question about self help
  2. Topic
  3. How does this topic relate/ connect to the self help genre? (2 minutes)
  4. Lastly, will get quick feedback from the professor.