We opened up class with a question from the professor:

How is your meditation project going? Just to check in and see if we were not only understanding it but getting something good out of it.

Which also brought up how we need to stay engaged in class. Being online can sometimes be difficult to engage and make interactions fruitful.

We moved on to our research assignment (which is up on open lab with all the details. MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM ALL) Every due date for all the parts that will when completed, make up your class presentation are listed. Please write yourself a reminder so not parts are missed.

*If there are any questions, please reach out to meet for office hours*

Be as specific as possible as it pertains to your topic. Do not just name the topic, treat it like your thesis where it explains where you are going and what you hope to learn in this topic.
We started to discuss Class Discussion #9 where we posted our ideas for the project. So we could know what is important and what is not. Also what may need to be branched out some more.


Kelani’s Post:

Manifestation was her topic. We discussed other words that would help fan out her topic when doing research on it. In order to make the topic more manageable to research.  Using questions and key terms to google/research the topic. Also that it can bring up texts and blogs to help further the topic.

We began to talk about meditation again. Showing that if that was our topic or related that we could relate for example Buddhism to Americanized Meditations.

REMEMBER: Second comment on discussion #9 due before class tomorrow: it should be a comment that expands and develops your idea of a topic.

Professor also brought up going to a bookstore to browse and explore self help books in order to research for your research project. This project is a month and a half long project.

-Your topic has to be approved
-Key is to develop so it is more manageable/enjoyable.
-It is 25% of your grade.
– The initial proposal along with all the parts that make it whole are up on openlab.
– Final product is not a paper but a presentation to be submitted to the professor and presented to the class

We then read through the parts of the assignment which is located under the topic of Research Project on openlab.* It is due the final week of class*
Will get feedback from both professor and classmates


More developed comment on discussion #9
Read through Research Assignment: if any questions please bring up in class Thursday

Daphney asked which part of the project if not done would mean 0 credit: The answer: The project being sent to professor and/or no presentation being done.

Then the professor brought up how she herself fanned out her topic of interest when she was inspired by a previous student asking about reading happy stuff. Because the topic they were discussing wasn’t so happy. This lead to her research on how to deal with grief, because she had gone through issues with illness.

She began discussing Tarot and how it helped her to expand to reading tarot for self reflection and self care. Which ultimately lead to the topic of self help. Doing her own research not only helped her personally but lead to her teaching others. And this leads to others learning how to heal and be happier.


Read through research assignment, make additional comment(being more specific), Try to explore at the bookstore

Revised comment should directly state Research question. Use key words and background of topic to help you expand. For example: Why are you interested? Why should others be interested?

To end class we do a writing exercise with 5-6 parts which the professor gave us the link to. This exercise was to help show us how to expand on our project, showing us how to make every part important