Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

Pre-Meditation Assignment

As I read through the assignment details of the Meditation Assignment I did not really feel enthusiastic about the assignment only because it was a new form of self help that I have never applied in my life. However, knowing that I have to partake in the assignment, my intention is to be able to apply self discipline to the extent in which I need it in my life. I have been able to have self discipline for some things in my life but it is not to the extent in which I hope to have. Although it might be a little difficult to take the assignment seriously because journaling is not really my thing and also the idea of meditation, but I am willing to give it a try and participate in the activities that the assignment brings. 


I looked through four apps to see what would be a good fit for the project. I looked at Aura: Meditation and Sleep, Calm, Simple Habit, and Ten Percent Happier. They all had one thing in common which was trying to better the mental and spiritual health of users. 

  1. The first app aura health was quite interesting and right off the bat its mission statement in a way was very clear which was to help individuals “Find Peace”. As I made an account and was setting up my program it eventually led to a point where it began asking for ways of payment in which you have an option of a free 7 day trial and after that a charge of $59.99 a year. The app seems interesting and intriguing but I do not want to sign up for a free trial and forget about it and then get charged so I will not be considering this app for my assignment. 
  2. I downloaded the second app Calm. I downloaded it and was not able to even test out its features but I was able to look through details on their website in which I was able to find a description of what the app has to offer. Also if I remember correctly this is what Prof. Belli used in class four our meditation exercise. However, I was not able to test out the features because I was instantly brought to the page of payment and the free trial and it is something I personally do not want to deal with. Though their mission to make the world happier and healthier definitely sounds intriguing, it also shows why it is number 5 on the app store for health. 
  3. I downloaded the third app headspace. This app was uniquely different from every other app that I had downloaded. Only for the simple fact that it gave a uniquely different experience than the others. Headspace also requires a subscription but allowed me to explore features of the app and it really caught my eye and how it functions and what it has to offer. It introduced the exploration of its features with a small exercise and at the end provided the option of a 3 to 10 minute recording to listen for the purpose of meditation. I did not listen to it but it really caught my attention. 


I decided to go with Headspace for my assignment, I already forgot what sections I chose to focus on already and have been looking on how to find what I had chosen but still can’t figure it out. Anyhow I do know that I selected to do the meditation before bed and set a time for 10 pm every day. It’ll be interesting to see if I am able to keep it up for fourteen days to complete this assignment. However, this app does seem interesting and I do like its functions and the way the app handles.


  1. Jill Belli

    Erick, this is really fantastic post! I totally get how this assignment is not something you’re used to (or even that excited about), but I appreciate your willingness to approach it with an open mind (and also a sense of discipline — so central to developing any type of daily practice or habit!).

    Would be helpful for you to include the particular meditations you plan to use within Headspace. Could you drop a comment here to include those details?

    (Also, I believe Headspace also has a free trial, so don’t forget to remind yourself to cancel!)

    • Erick Bueno

      Since I planned on doing it before everytime I went to bed to try and get better sleep I went with the sleep section and used the Soundscapes section which are a collection of 3D recordings of the world lovliest places.

  2. Jill Belli

    Erick, this is a well-organized, well-researched, reflective, honest post, thoughtful. This week, there is consensus in the class — your peers have chosen it as their People’s Choice, and I’ve chosen it as this week’s Professor’s Pick. Congrats!

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