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People’s Choice #6: Meditation

Thanks everyone for sharing your reflections and for your research into meditation programs, apps, and plans. I’m excited to see these projects develop over the coming weeks!

For this week’s People’s Choice, you’ll have an opportunity to explore these Meditation posts and to get a sense of what everyone is working on for the Meditation Assignment. As always, include a rationale and link to the original post in your comment.

Looking forward to seeing what you choose & why! Happy reading / voting 🙂


  1. Olga Santos

    I vote for Julie Lynch,
    Her response was well written. She provided links for each app and gave detailed reasoning as to why they would be using one app rather than the other. Such as the price range and the resources provided. I liked that the mention of the price for the app was included, In the case of headspace and other apps, the price can be overwhelming in the sense of needing to pay a lot in order to get the ‘best’ resource possible. Another thing I would like to point out is the plan of action given. It gives an idea as to what subject they want to focus on and then switch up the meditation.

  2. Julie Lynch

    I vote for Erick,

    Pre-Meditation Assignment

    Erick’s response was very understanding. He talked about his intentions being his first-time taking part in new self-help for the first time. Also, explaining how he felt about the assignment was a good point for me. I can relate because I didn’t think I would be able to keep up with doing good on my meditation and journaling. I like how Erick provides links to each app and details the similarities to each meditation he has chosen—moving forward to the price range and resources he has provided. As I read, he stated clearly that the app Aura health is a 7-day free trial, but he has to pay $59.99, which he chooses not to do. The payer doesn’t want to pay for something that he might forget or don’t find interesting. In the other apps that he has picked out, such as calm, Simple Habit, and Ten Percent Happier, it can be stressful to find apps that don’t have subscriptions with them in the sense of paying to get the best outcome in the end. Lastly, I would like to point out is the plan of action given. Erick has chosen to stick with Headspace for his assignment. He found it exciting and believes he can keep up with the meditation for 14-days.

  3. Katie Lynch

    My vote is for Erick
    I liked the way he was open about how he had never really partook in meditation in this manner. But how open and willing he was to give it a try. While I myself have meditated before I also have not done it in such a detailed manor where you journal in such detail. I also liked how he shared apps and links of different place to use. Along side with how much they would cost. He also was honest with the fact that he didn’t want to pay $60 for something like that. He has a straightforward plan of action and ultimately went with using Headspace for his protect. He seems to be looking to this 14 day journey of destressing and meditation.

  4. Kelani

    For this week’s people’s choice, I vote for Kash. He chose the same apps that I chose and he provided good reasons as to why he chose them. I was able to relate to him because he was also curious about meditation and was not very familiar with it. He wants to understand the true aspect of meditation and use it more in his daily life.

    Meditation Assignment

  5. Kashfi Siddique

    I vote for Eric because his response is very understandable and engaging when it comes to talk about his plan of action. He shared apps and explain what these app shows about meditation and he has and outstanding plan of action for meditation. He also states that this app cost $59.99 for 7-day free trial and he chose not do it because that is a smart thing to do.

    Pre-Meditation Assignment

  6. George A

    My vote for this week’s people choice is Erick, We both share a common app on the plan for this assignment and I grew curious about his last app option and liked the sound of it due to how most of the apps I picked were all on trials so I wouldn’t be able to obtain the full experience from the app. His ideas is well organized and with a set time to do his meditations.

  7. Hanna Taveras

    Pre-Meditation Assignment (
    This week I vote for Erick, I really enjoyed reading his meditation blog. I liked how he went in depth with his blog and how he focused on all the elements needed to be provided. I also agree with him in the aspect that this assignment can be difficult because I have never journaled either but I am also excited to see what else I can gain from this experiment. I also liked how he went in depth with each app and the knowledge behind all three of them.

  8. Sofia

    For the people of choice, I vote for Erick. His response was very informative and he explained his meditation assignment very well. He provided link for the apps that he looked for to this assignment and specifically stated how he’s choosing meditation app. I liked how organized it was and I really enjoyed reading it. He provided all the links that needed and explained everything very well.

  9. dmondel

    I chose Erick for this week people’s choice because he clearly explained and provided the information asked from the assignment. He touched and reported all 4 different parts of it. For example, he showed that he explored 3 different apps and chose 1 for particular reasons by providing links to them. He also shared his experience practicing the meditation.

    Pre-Meditation Assignment

  10. Erick Bueno

    I vote for Julie Lynch for this weeks peoples choice.

    I enjoyed going through her meditationg research blog.. The blog was very organized and I was able to relate to what she was saying in the aspext that we had looked at some of the same apps. In the beginning she speaks on her optimism of the assignment and the curiosity if the commitment of achieving the assignment can be met. I defintely understand this curiousity because I too am wondering if I am able to have the discilpine/enthusiasm to do the assignment for 14 days. But we shall see the outcome of the assignment as we approach the deadline later on.

  11. Elaina

    I vote for Erick for the people choice .
    Erick touched everyone point that from his intentions all the way to the app that he decided to pick. He gave his honest opinion on his choses which I liked. His blog was actually the main one that I looked at as a guide in order to do my assignments , so thank you for that and good job.

  12. Jill Belli

    Congrats to Erick for being overwhelmingly chosen as People’s Choice this week 🙂

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