Professor Belli | Spring 2022 | City Tech | ENG 3402: Topics in Literature

Meditation Goals

For this meditation assignment, my intentions for this is to help calm my mind. I tend to not have the energy to do anything whenever I wake up and just have a negative feeling to being upset about anything until I fully wake up. Another goal I plan on having is to practice consistency when it comes to waking up early. This is something new to me and it correlates with my first goal in trying to wake up early to mediate with a calm start of the day. Some preconceptions about this assignment is mainly the timing of course. I first planned on doing this in the morning before my classes but some problems would be the possibility that I just wake up late and won’t care for it and just go straight to class. So I created a schedule for Mondays and Wednesdays so 3 in the afternoon because that’s a time I arrive at home and Tuesday and Thursdays late day and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be as soon as I wake up since those days are no school days for me. The hope is that over the 14 days, I slowly start having better moods when I wake up in the morning rather than having an annoying feeling. The first app that I have looked at is called Calm. In the beginning of it, it had shown me recommendations that immediately related to me such as stress, better sleep, and improve performance. After setting up my account its clear its a very good app with multiple activities for different states of the body. The second app I took a look at is called headspace. It starts off very similar to the previous app as asking the downloader what they want to work on. However, this app allows is it lets you create  your own meditation practice. Unfortunately, like the previous app you have to pay for to do  anything. The final app I will take a look at is Mind Garden.  At the start is a little questions to see my objectives to get into this app. Thought this app has a reminder which would be very useful. The app is also something you need to buy for full access of all the meditation but there is free meditations that can be started with. Based on all 3 of these options, I would choose Mind Garden. All the apps pretty much have shown the same material and I actually like the idea of the in app alarm to be used. I will explore the option though of using Calm because there is a free trial for 7-days and it does hold more meditations than Mind Garden it seems so I do wanna experience those if necessary.


  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks George for this post. I particularly like how intentional (and realistic!) you are here about your schedule, and that you’ve been planning out different times that work for you on different days.

    A few notes:

    -It’s great that you want to explore multiple apps going forward, but for this assignment, you should pick one and stick with it.

    – I believe Headspace is completely free for 14 days — the length of this assignment — and I believe that gives you access to all content for those two weeks (so you just need to remember to cancel it … I usually set myself reminders to do that!)

    Also, friendly reminder to include the links for the apps you researched (so I and others can check them out too) — can you drop them in a comment here? Thanks!

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